Telefónica Foundation: driving the community side of the digital age

The Fundación Telefónica has been working since 1998 to be a catalyst for social inclusion in the digital age. With this vision, it seeks to improve people's opportunities for development through projects with a digital soul, a global and inclusive approach, using education and training as fundamental instruments for social transformation. It also develops educational, cultural, employability and volunteer projects that address the challenges of the digital world, so that no one is left behind.

Present in 30 countries – Spain, Latin America, Africa and Asia – during 2018 it reached more than 8.6 million people through its various programmes. The Fundación Telefónica is committed to educational innovation and training for new employability. It creates projects using technology as an ally, and promotes partnerships with institutions, companies and social agents that help to magnify its impact. It works to improve skills, competences and abilities in the context of the new labour reality by providing guidance, advice and training for the most in-demand digital profiles of today and tomorrow. In short, it is committed to meeting the demands of a changing labour market through projects such as Conecta Empleo, the Employment Map or 42, a new methodology for a new era.


Provincial Council of Biscay

Provincial Council of Biscay

The Provincial Council of Biscay, as the area's foremost institution, is leading the strategy to position Biscay at the social and economic forefront of Europe. Through its Economic Advancement Department, the regional instution supports and fosters programmes and initiatives to bolster the development and progress of Biscay as an innovative, talented, attractive, connected and balanced territory. It is a broad strategy, together with the economic and social fabric of the territory, to ensure that one of the hallmarks of the Biscay of tomorrow is its grand capacity to create and maintain quality employment.